Saturday short post

“Oh, how grand life would be if only we had another, so desperately needed cash injection!”

One may not perhaps hear those exact words every day, but we are in a sense very aware of the notion, through the actions and reactions of most people around us, that the answer to all our problems is a higher pay check, or even the winning of the lottery. We may not speak about it much but we are most certainly not unfamiliar with that way of thinking.

Many people, I believe know the truth about the matter. We know financial literacy is the key to a life we dream of, yet for some reason we run away from it and blame a string of external factors, of which if you thing about it, we do not have any control over.

Thus my resolution to not only make it a priority, but to embark on a journey to acquire a world class financial literacy, and share it with the world. I realise that what I only start to learn now, is basic knowledge for many people, but I can’t help to wonder why so many people, including myself, have not learned what it takes to become financially free.

So while I’m out and about searching for a couple of answers, I’ll leave you with an idea I found this week on Dave Ramsey’s YouTube Channel.


J · A · S

Home bound

All I can say is “Hey guys!” And hope you don’t know what I’m on about. Simply put, I’m not even going to try to explain what happened with my blog posts, (or the lack of them) for life sometimes happens and one can only do so much about it. But we’re getting there. Frequent and prompt posts are what we’re all about and we’re surely getting there. I once read some advice intended for woman that if a man says he is going to do something, he will do it. There’s no need to remind him every six months of it.

So I’m on my flight home and realised that Johannesburg International is not the only international service still charging for internet. I’m not at liberty to name the airline I use for my trip to Moscow, but I can tell you there are the letters E-T-I-H-A-D printed in gold on the side of the aircraft – and they to charge in dollar terms for the use of our lifeline. I suppose if one pays up to $12 for a coffee and some water at he airport, then the internet can be seen as a real bargain.

Now as opinionated as I am, so outspoken am I to about my current state of affairs. I really do not want to go home. I know some people have had some bad experiences in Russia, but she has been only good to me. Apart from the woman at the first Metro station I stopped to buy a ticket. I got the feeling that her lack of fondness of me rivals the conflict between the British and French.

Moscow has a vibe, a people and an energy like I have not experienced in a very long time. I am madly in love with her, and even though we don’t understand each other to well, we sort of went on a few late night dates. How many couples in love can truly say they understand each other anyway?

And we’ve hit it of quite well with her being sexy as ever. Slightly old fashioned but with style, and yes, sexy as ever.

You know when you’ve met someone and you know you are going to have to leave her for a while, and when you do, you get that empty feeling in your heart? Well that’s how you know there is something between you.

So, I can honestly say that I’m still on the plane and I’m missing her already. Yet, there is hope. There is no doubt in my mind that I’ll be visiting her again. I’ve made sure about that. (I’m resisting the urge to convert to text language by putting a smiley face)

So, heavy hearted as I might sound, I’m as happy as any young gentleman who has just fallen in love. And for now, for me, that’s enough.

Arrie warrie!!


Moscow 2

First working day in Moscow

All right then! Ample connectivity in the city of Muscovites drives me to todays post then… my life has been hectic to a degree that keeping up with a post a day will have to wait for… well a day I suppose. Where I’m sitting here in the coffee shop I honestly don’t have the faintest idea of how many posting days I skipped.
Nonetheless, my first day officially working in Moscow has been rather successful. I have a company sorting out one aspect of the business, with two other companies interested in our products. Only one more appointment tomorrow, a bit more browsing at the World Food Show and we’re in business!

I’ll be posting a lot more on my channel (which need to get going as well) but until then, may the blessing of God be upon you in tremendous quantities!

ps. Did I mention Moscow as love at first sight? (For those of you reading my posts with a one track mind, I am by no means referring to the woman)

Arrie warrie!!




Internet trouble

An absent post yesterday? Dear me, that’s not on! Not at all tolerated. Unless the internet availability in Abu Dhabi equals that of most any place in South Africa. But here it is this morning, as timely as a late post can be.

First day out of the country (for a long time,) keeping a few things in mind, I did not have a bad day at all.

I first fixed an agreement with contacts from the USA, went to the Abu Dhabi hunting and equestrian exhibition, had a quick swim at the hotel and popped by the Marina Mall for dinner.

The thing that strikes me the most about the UAE is the separation between men and woman. I accidentally sat in the front part of the bus (intended for “ladies” only) before noticing the signs. It might be a certain culture’s way of living and if it works for them, by all means, keep going. In my mind I will, hopefully some day, get over the idea that a person is made to believe that she was created in the image of God, but has to cover up her face for some cultural reasons. Diplomatically stated of course, I have stronger language for that!!

Arrie Warrie!!




Finally on my way!!

Last minute post I know, but the day has been hectic. Part of my plan was to start filming but with everything being done as a matter of last minute stuff, I just didn’t get to it.

On my defense, most frequent travelers only has their documentation to sort out, there by leaving ample time for plenty of what one may refer to as “jesting around with a camera.” But then again, These all sounds like a couple of excuses for not performing, so I’ll do what I do best, which in most cases comes down to moving with sprints as fast as a King Cheetah. In the world of business that is, running I’m rather on the slow side. Speaking of which, if I do not lift my rear, with the emphasis on speed rather than orderly fashion, I shall indeed be missing my plane.

Arrie wwarrie!