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Welcome to Amazing Graces, a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian-based organisation, doing some of the best work out there ever!

Hanneke du Preez, Managing Director at Amazing Graces Social Investments gave us a little insight on what exactly it is they are doing in some of the poorest regions here in South Africa.

To read more or make a contribution, follow the link below:

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A watery affair – Minétte Teessen


“Keeping up with social media platforms today is by far more effort than my training for the endurance swim in August this year!”

Minétte Teesen, a veracious swimmer and outdoor enthusiast will be diving into the Thames in the UK for a full 14km swim in aid of Frank Water Projects and clean drinking water in India.

“I’ve been training for this particular swim for about ten months now, and have only recently started swimming with the compulsory wet-suit needed for the day,” Minétte said, adding that she keep up a program of 6 training sessions per week.

Minétte needs no less then a total of £300 for a successful fundraiser to be completed. So a quick ten bucks from each of us will bring her toward her goal in no time.

Oh, and one more thing… Minétte made ‘n video for the purpose of her fundraising project and wants to load it unto YouTube. She however used as background music some pretty popular songs, over loaded with copyright. So if you know someone affiliated with Queens of the Stone Age, feel free to pass the contact along. You know, it’s not like we’re asking for the President’s phone number now, is it?

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Apologising? Yea right!

Time for a new post! What I actually mean is that my posting on Roughly Something is long overdue and that my philosophy of keeping quiet when you do not have anything meaningful to say, seems to leave my blog emptier then my coffee mug after nine o’clock in the morning. I’ve recently seen some bloggers starting a post by apologizing for their unjustified absence, and I immediately thought what unnecessary baloney that is as I was not even aware of the date and time of the post prior to the one I’m reading. I have also come to the conclusion that if you apologize for a matter in such a fashion, you are probably one of those people saying sorry when you’re walking in a shopping mall and a person approaching from the front don’t know whether to pass you on the right or the left, effectively bringing the both of you to a halt. I would not consider myself as one of the world’s greatest bloggers, although perhaps on my way to becoming one, yet I firmly believe that there is no need for any person to apologize about the working of his or her publication, whether online or hard copy. Your blog is either a good one or it’s not. If it’s not, and you’ll know it for there are many clues, then get working, posting and rolling, but to apologize is not going to add to your readership.

There are however a fair amount of events that happened since my last post and so I decided to, rather than spit it all out is this post, give a colorful and elaborate account of happenings in the next few posts. Yet I’ll not leave you with nothing for today. I came across a video by Nick Vujicic called “Something More” and it sort of kick started my day in a very different tone. For those of you who haven’t seen it, the link is below.

Have a good one you all and as always, may the peace of God be upon you, now and always.


Keep dreaming

Hi all you lovely coffee drinkers, etiquette like tea drinkers and gracious book readers! If you find yourself on your way to the Aroma coffee shop in Lynnwood Pretoria, don’t bother… just yet. To my utter shock and devastation I was informed that they’ll only be opening their doors on Wednesday. Oh, and if you wanted to buy yourself an ice-cream on a Sunday evening after church at your nearest KFC, don’t bother either. I visited three of the chicken franchises last night and had to settle with Mc Donald’s. So to end my most lazy, most relaxing and most unproductive summer holiday, it came down to a late night ice-scream and a movie. To properly not think of today’s work, the movie had to be Anna KareninI’ve read the book about half way but with the daunting thoughts of another years worth of labor, my attention had to be thoroughly captivated by a time zone entirely from another world.

It wouldn’t be wise to enter the New Year with any thoughts on work, politics, or the new neighbors cat that sneaked in and ripped your dining room curtain to pieces.  We may, in the course of our daily activities, still linger on perhaps a dream that may have gotten lost a long time ago. A dream of a better life, a better community or just a dream of having the basics in life, (for those of you in a tight spot.)

The words; “may all your dreams come true,” comes to mind but those words would be rather futile if there aren’t any dreams to realize. I know from personal experience, that our existence here on earth has a sneaky way to steal our dreams, not all at once of course, but slowly, bit by bit until one day you realize that you have totally forgotten what you really wanted. We are all aware of the fact that, the day we stop dreaming, is the day we die.

Why not take some time then, and get dreaming again. If not to act upon it, at least just for fun. Who knows what might come of it.

May you have a grand 2014, may all your dreams and hearts desires be fulfilled and never mind a happy New year, happy dreaming!

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.” -Albert Einstein

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Keep dreaming

Coping with the mega lunacy

Yes you lot of loyal geezers!

It is indeed the month of November, (and has been for a while now) and the closest to positive professional flimflam, I could come up with, is how to avoid “certain” people at work.

Now to be quite the decent lad that I am, I’ll refrain from elaborating on my own working environment. I’ve read that it is possible to land oneself in a fine sort of pickle, blasting out the ins and outs of your office on social media. What on earth our social media is there for then, leaves me clueless. Yet for the purpose of readership, and all things nice, let’s be civil, drink a cuppa, and share some advice on how to deal with the blokes in your immediate atmosphere representing the strenuous labor force.

You may not want to avoid all people, unless you are some kind of computer programmer and being left alone serves a purpose, levitating your productivity. On top of that, do I find it hard to believe that every single employee in the office is a prize-winning loudmouth, distracting the entire second floor of the building. There’s always that one person, who contributes ever so well-mannered to the world of yield and efficiency.

Coping with the mega lunacy created by the rest of the psychological nobs, here are a few tips.

  1. Take your earphones, put them into the holes at the side of your head, plug them into your mobile phone and put on anything between Chopin and Bach. Strauss might do just as fine, but you want to be able to hear if someone starts shouting that the main server caught fire and the building needs to be evacuated.
  2. Don’t ever, under no circumstances greet your fellow buffs with too much enthusiasm. Greetings with big smiles and loads of eye contact, sends out the message that your life is brilliant, and that their lives are wholly desultory, resulting in a reaction that will by no means be in your favor.
  3.  Walking to and from the water station / Coffee percolator should be kept to an absolute minimum. It increases work performance, (less distractions) and most importantly, it reduces the risk of you bumping into someone in the corridor, being forced to make eye contact.
  4. Dig into your work like no other person on earth. That way, you won’t have time for the non-sense of the people you are trying to avoid, and you would not even be aware of their existence. If that doesn’t work, you can always write a blog post on avoiding “certain” people at work.

These are only suggestions and should be used with such moderation that it does not put your job in jeopardy. Unless of course you are looking for an occupation with the rare attributes of nice people only, in which case you can let me know, and I’ll consider writing another post on the enjoyment of the perfect life at work.

Ta for now and as always, be blessed to the point of over loaded and breathtaking frivolity.